I almost am embarassed to say this, but I am having extreme trouble burning dvd's, ive never really done it, and all the file extension stuff is confusing the socks off of my feet.

For example, i have two movies im trying to burn, i believe they are in avi. format? Idk, but they are dvdrips. The thing is, they will show up in my windows media player, and they will play fine, video and audio, but they wont come up anywhere else. idk what to do.

They wont show up in DVDecrypter, and I tried Avi2DVD but there is no audio streams for some reason even though it plays audio in windows media player.
Why cant windows media player burn dvd's? it would be so much simpler, (i dont think it can, im not sure) all it tells me is i can burn audio cds or data cds.

alright yeah it cant i just tried it and put it in my dvd player and it said "bad disc"

can ANYBODY please give me e quick easy way just to burn these onto a dvd? this is getting really stressful..
import it into windows movie maker and publish it to DVD?

I don't exactly know, I've never bothered burning any films I've downloaded to DVD. I just watch them on my laptop or use my media drive to watch them on TV.
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you have to get a program that can burn files to dvd
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im assuming your downloading these movies so download magic video converter, and burn the disc through that
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