when i alternate pick on dont mute with my picking hand, i hold my pick with my thumb my index and my ring finger, when i attempt a sweep its easy and comfortable to mute; but whenever i alternate pick my flesh part of my hand doesnt even touch the strings so i dont mute at all. its sounds fine to me though.
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When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....
seems awkward. kind of like trying to pick holding the pick with thumb middle and ring (metal horns), but with your method the fleshy part is not covering the strings like it should because your hand is curled in a strange way. so if you want to make good palm muted crunch or whatever your going for you must take out that ring finger dude. it will do you a world of good, and i would imagine your hand will fell better as well.
... WTH... Thumb, index, and... ring???
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Thank you, you've all been very informative and helpful (except you Mr_CiNiC, f*ck you.)
Love you too, babe.
When I first started, I always played with thumb, index and middle - even just cutting out the middle was awkward at first but made a world of difference afterward. Cut that ring finger out and learn to just use the thumb and index, and it will improve your sound quite a bit, I promise.
I know exactly what you mean LordGriffin. I played the same way, then I cut out my middle finger, well not literally.
I also recently switched from open fingers on picking hand to a closed fist, and it was extremely weird at first but I feel it really helped me.