I prefer classical violin-style vibrato for bluesy solos. If I need vibrato on bends I just shake the neck (no, I am not headbanging, I mean the guitar neck!) a tiny bit and rhytmically push the string closer to the fretboard (e.g Time by PF)

just don't like the way wider bend-style vibrato sounds in such songs, I CAN do it pretty ok and indeed I do it if I need it more aggressive (e.g. Purple Haze)

is it okay?
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I thought the "clean" button was to clean out the inside of the amp automatically, so I never pressed it.

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pedals are stupid
no, it's not okay, you HAVE to do normal vibratos...
it's your style, play how you want!
I know a guy who plays mainly blues on a Les Paul: he uses classical vibrato and sounds orgasmic.