ok so i recently had a guitar teacher who thought i was pretty good and he thinks i should sell all my guitar and get a pretty good one , i have 4 guitars a squier strat (with filtertron) a epi sg g400 and 2 self built guitars , i have been looking around at guitars aswell and i think is should get something like a charvel stratocaster ??? thing is it will cost me $1700 NZ and i going to have to get a job. do you think i should go for it and try to do this ??,and does anybpdy know what charvel strats play like?, im thinking a white one maybe with or without a black pickguard?
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well, don't buy wihtout trying.

of course i will try it out first i just not at that point yet
Indeed a new guitar would be a good idea but tone wise i'd consider a new amp aswell. I'm sure alot of people will back me up on this but, as long as the feel of the guitar is fine the best improvement in tone would be from a new amp (if thats what your after?).

If you have any attachment to your guitars like your first or any self built I wouldn't sell them but thats just me.
What amp do you currently have?

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