OK i need help writing a solo for my jazz band, we are doing the song Pick Up The Pieces by The Average White Band

My teacher said to write the solo over Bbsus4, anybody wanna help me out here, what does that mean?
It means you'll be soloing over a B sus4 chord.
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OK i need help writing a solo for my jazz band

Jazz is all about the improv.
I'm not familiar with this tune. If it is diatonic (all in the same key), you can use one scale to play the solo. If the tonal centre changes, you have to write out the chord progression and target the individual chords in the progression with the appropriate scales: Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, maj / min pentatonics, etc.

I would advise trying to write short phrases or "motifs". Each phrase has to make some kind of statement. Imagine asking a question with a phrase, and answering it with another one.
Depending on the context you could use almost any scale.

As it's a sus4 chord you don't know whether it is minor or major.

What I would do is use the B Major scale (maybe mixolydian to give that b7 a little dissonance) and just avoid the third. The third will clash a lot over the chord.
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First of all, you need to know the key of the song, or, since many jazz tunes change key frequently, the key of the section. But assuming that Bb is the key, you'll want to write using the notes from the Bb major scale, most likely. If it's in another key, use the notes from that key.