Hey guys, I'm looking at buying some recording equipment to get me started on recording - I'd just like to check this is all I'll need and that I've not got hopelessly confused in my research:

Shure SM57
Mic Stand
Boss Micro BR Multi track recorder
Boss charger (save batteries)

Recording software (I've not looked into this yet)

Are there any additional leads I'll need to buy to connect this all, or pieces of equipment I need?

Well, if you use the Boss Micro BR, you'll need a XLR to 3.5 cable thing... I don't know if this decreases the quality.

I'd rather buy the Shure mic and one of those:


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you'll probably need a preamp
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Ah thanks, am I correct in thinking this is suitable as a sound card? The whole 'sound card' thing has confused me slightly, as I've always imagined them as being the things you find inside the computer.
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you'll probably need a preamp

Sorry, technical terms confuse me - are we talking about a smaller speaker incase my amp is too loud for the microphone to take quality recordings? It's fairly quiet - Orange TT combo.
I don't think that you can use it as an external soundcard.

Maybe you should take a look at the line6 studio stuff


which is an external soundcard and provides all those line6 features and different preamps, ...


Ah, okay i see. You wanna mic your guitar and not record any vocals.

Then you should get one of those fonic mixers i recommended and maybe chose another mic (e.g. Sennheiser e906)

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I don't know if the micro BR can be used with recording software. The sound will get recorded straight onto the micro BR and not the computer but you can export files to a PC. However, I don't know enough about computer recording to say wether you'd have the same control this way as if it were recorded straight onto a sequencing programme.

You should be able to do the majority of the editing on the micro BR itself. With in-built effects and guitar sounds. If you're recording your amp sound with a mic then as Reeen said, you'll need to buy the appropriate XLR to jack input as the micro BR doesn't have the XLR input usually used with mics.

You're kind of mixing 2 ways of recording.

If I were you I'd either buy a higher end multitrack recorder or go for the computer editing option.

The computer option gives you greater control over your recording but the software can be quite expensive. The multitrack option still gives you as much control as your likely to want and I find it still maintains a lot of the musicianship.
Thanks very much guys, I had a horrible feeling I'd got this all confused. Expense of the computer software won't be a problem for me - I'd rather get that than a large multitrack recorder.

So if I want to mic my amp and record - I'll need the mic - then a sound card - then recording software on the computer?
Yep - I recommend you get with the 21st century. Get a decent interface and recording software. It'll be a lot more fun and powerful than some little recorder thing.
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
You'll also be able to sequence instrument tracks on a computer too. So if you wanted synth tracks of drums without having to record an actual drum kit it'd be no problem.