.............that will give me

1/ Fender twin style cleans with reverb

and a second channel that will give me

2/ Marshall JTM45

Any ideas guys? Budget not really as big an issue as space. With 3 kids, my guitar space is becoming smaller and smaller

I need to replace a few different amps (inc my '72 twin reverb) with one, but don't want to compromise on quality.

Cheers in advance

you could always get a smaller version of the twin reverb and get a pedal such as the rothwell hellbender which simulates a marshall plexi head
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A Fender Bassman has fairly nice Fender cleans and it is what the original Marshalls were based off anyway and can get nice overdrive if you turn it up or get OD pedal.
No reverb though
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Love the JTM45 and plexi type sound when it is just breaking up, will be used mainly for home use so small wattage fine, reverb a must :-)
That's a tricky one, Shaun. You could consider the Randall MTS series with the Blackface and JTM modules, but that's a bloody complex way round a simple problem!

How about a Mesa Heartbreaker? The 'Love' channel sounds like a slightly warmer version of a Blackface Twin while the 'Lust' channel is essentially a tweaked Plexi circuit.
I'd say keep your twin and get a nice OD pedal like a lovepedal COT50 or an EHX english muff'n. The twin sounds like a twin because of all that glass and iron in the back, you're not really going to find anything smaller that sounds like it. The JTM45 sounds good when it's cranked, hence the pedal solution. Any JTM45 style amp is going to have to be very loud before it gets that sound you're used to hearing from them, and some pedals get pretty close to the sound.

If you're willing to compromise on the cleans a bit, you could go for a mesa of some sort, or, if I dare, the spider valve.
Check out the Randall RM100 with different preamp modules. Might be massive overkill considering your space or needs, but its an option nonetheless.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
Just checked out the roadking!! Wow, looks superb, bit too much money though.

Guess we need a budget. Lets say £1500-£1800
Seriously, you should have no problem getting a Heartbreaker for between £600 - £1500 (they're quite rare now and vary wildly in price).
They're basically the predecessor to the Roadking, although a lot of people still prefer them - hence the high used prices.

Found a guy selling one here for £1500 - I'd give the guy a ring and see if he's still got it.