Hello, recently i covered The Trooper and put the video onto youtube, i'll be more than happy for you to tell me what you think and gimmi some constructive criticism!


I am 15 years old and have been playing for 2 and a bit? years.

PS. It is a bit dark and i'm sorry for that, but the sound quality is fine.
2 things to work on.
- Sometimes you stop notes from ringing too soon. This happens in the galloping riff and in the solo quite a bit.
- The bends in the solo, not bad, but can be better.
The rest is fine.
not bad, but there are a few things to work on

as the guy said above some of notes don't ring out as much as they should, and you really fail to hit some of the bends right in the solo. i think your guitar might be slightly out of tune as well.
also during the solo it had a really staccato feel to it, ie it wasn't fluid.
so just work on the solo and some of the galloping, but otherwise good job

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dude, that was really well done for your experience level! thought it was pretty damn good! yeah, it needs to flow a little better like them guys said, but that will come the more you play it! i'm into covering Maiden's tunes myself, Lossfer Words being my most recent... stop over on my page and check 'em out sometime...
keep rockin' the Maiden tunes, man!! \m/