hey guys i just recently started writing and playing my own stuff. Just tell me what you think. I Recorded the songs in my kitchen with a usb mic . So srry for the shoddy quality. Anyways, please listen and tell me what you think. I believe my music kinda falls under the catagory of vocal based soft acoustic rock. (please correct me if im wrong). Also if you would like please comment, rate, or even subscribe to my youtube channel.

Here is my new song called *Wings* (once again srry for the poor quality)
The quality isn't that bad at all, in fact it gives a very sincere and natural sound.

The progression is perhaps a bit generic, but the song itself is nicely balanced and welll written. Keep up the good work!
kyle62 is right, the qulity is not bad at all.....considering it was done with just a room mic.
The song itself was really good, I enjoyed listening to it. I can imagine what it could sound like with a full backing....(drums, bass, keys and other fill instruments).....tracked and mixed.

Great job, keep them coming!
I liked it, I really liked it a lot. I love acoustic music like this. Great song. You should add some drums and bass to it. Keep up the great work!
You stumbled (or maybe I did) when the rhythm changed when the singing started. The quality is fine man, I couldn't better.
BTW, how did you get that on youtube? If I do something in windows movie maker, how the hell do you convert it to a youtube-accepted format?
Back to the song-a little bit generic, though. Cool, but it reminds me of one of the songs I wrote when I was 12 and threw away. Good, just not different enough (I'm not insulting you there, I wasn't bad when I was 12).
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