Recently I have experienced back pain when I play, even when I have only been playing for relatively short period of time. I am absolutely positive that it has got something to do with my posture, for the record I am only 17 (So this isn't a matter of age). I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for the correction of my posture or if there were any exercises I could do to tame this bad habit (Besides the obvious, play sitting up straight with your shoulders back).
try standing up and playing?? or when your sitting i like to lean back in my chair with my right leg over my left or even kicked up on something? dont slouch over like a caveman and you should be cool.
Ahh so you just began which means your probally still playing with it strung as low as possible. What I would say is raise the guitar until your arm is at a 90 degree angle and then the weight won't put as much stress. And if you do that and it still hurts take into consideration that either
A) your one of the rare people who has genetic bone/joint issues.
B) if your active maybe you hurt your back and didn't notice untill you had the weight of the guitar adding stress to your back.
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i've had that problem too. Then i started standing up and playing. Helps me practice while playing standing up for performances and i don't encounter any back pain anymore.