Me and my mate were in a grave yard and just as a joke scared our other mate... he went sick and kicked me in the balls!

**** him I'm never talking to him again...
Tell him he's gonna end up in said graveyard?
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Great story, bro.
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Dude, if you were a lesbian asking out another lesbian in a man forum we would be going crazy too.
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just because you're a girl and you get more pussy than me doesn't give you the right to brag.
this is so funny
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i love you!
have cookie

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^^^ So much win, omg.
Well you had it coming to you if you scared him, dude.
this is why I love UG
We walked into the night

Am I to bid you farewell?

Why can't you see that I try
When every tear I shed

Is for you?
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Mirror threads are lame now.

Good to see UG has trend cycles. -_-
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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.