i'm thinking of getting a bass, but can't decide between and ibanez (gsr200 or gsr205) or a squier vintage modified p bass.

both the ibanez models have active EQ,...so does that mean the pick ups are active as well? or is it just the EQ knob that requires the 9volt? i've never had active pick ups on any of my guitars so i'm not sure what that means.

i'm also not sure if i should get 4 or 5 strings. which is better to learn on , 4 or 5? i like to play different styles of music from blink 182 to coal chamber. so i want something that's gonna work/sound good with either a pick or fingers.

also if some one could suggest decent starter amps that aren't to expensive that would be helpful. some where in the 100-150 dollar range is what i'm aiming for.

The gsr 205 is the best here and good for metal but for me I would get the squire as its more my type. This site has review for all the 3 basses so you should check it out.

Active pickup are pickups that produce less unwanted noise like hums.

I would get the 5 string. Its actually the same except an extra lower B string. You can still learn to play a 4 string with it.
active pickups pick up high and low end frequencies better
as im sure everyone else is gonna say: try them both out
also i've heard great things about orange practice amps
gsr200 is a damn fine bass for the money. Puts squire to shame. I use my grs200 often for practice despite the fact that I have much nicer basses now a days. Great pickups, slim neck, and a decent enough build quality. It's the one bass purchase that I haven't had buyers remorse for.
i have a gsr200 and i love it to death, honestly i would do what i did, learn on a 4 string, and then work your way to a 5 string when you need to, because i play alot of slap lines, i found it was a lot easier to slap on a four string than on a 5er