I own a Peavey Delta Blues 30W tube amp and lately it has been buzzing/humming kinda loudly even when its on clean channel. When I switch to the overdrive channel its even worse. I know amps do this a little especially without a noise suppressor. I am running a few boss pedals through it and a dunlop crybaby. Not sure if that matters.

Is there something broken? New Tubes? Any help?

Thanks in advance
Try isolating the power connection. If you're like me, then you can be tempted to plug it in to an outlet or powerstrip with other electronics. Either that, or having it too close to the computer or tv can add interference.
If it's blue, then it MUST smell good.
Quote by Disturbed137
Try isolating the power connection.

First thing to do is start isolating any variables.

Try different house circuits/outlets
Try different guitars
Try it without any pedals

When was the last ime it was re-tubed?

If none of these things make a difference, try the pencil test on the preamp tubes.

How do the power tubes look?
All lighting up evenly with the same orange glow? Any red glow? (bad)
Line 6 gear is notorious for this when running USB connections to a computer, and in most cases it's a power cable from a laptop that is the cause (it won't buzz/humm when on battery.)