I have kind of a two part question.

1. I've got a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier two-channel head with a 1 button footswitch for the channels. I have never messed with the effects loop on the amp, it's got two jacks on the back for send and return and each of those has an independent level knob. On the front there's another loop active master volume knob. I've got the amp set so the effects loop is active on the orange and red channels. I can't get any effects noise and the amp makes an ear splitting squeal when I turn the master knob on the front up. I obviously have no idea what i'm doing so help with that please.


2. I'm running a Crybaby, Boss Phase, Boss flange, Boss reverb, and A Boss Giga delay into the loop. What is a good order to run these through the amp?

I'd appreciate any help I could get.