I'm looking to buy a new delay pedal and I'm open to some suggestions. I'm having a hard time finding one that has the features that I'd like. Some of those would include:

devoted tap tempo
built in looper
plenty of delay time
variety of delay types
priced under $200

Some that I have been looking at include:
SD Deja Vu delay
- blend between digital and analog is cool
- modulation is sweet
- I think it has a looper, but I'm unsure about how it works
- it is a little more expensive
TC Electronics Nova Repeater
- doesn't have looper
- I like the variety of delay types and the price is great
Akai Headrush
- has solid features
- haven't been overwhelmed by reviews

What would you recommend? Are there any other pedals that I am not thinking of that should be considered?
youre prob gonna have trouble finding one with all that for under $200, new anyway.
ehx stero memory man w/hazari has all that for $214. line 6 dl-4 has it (and a much better looper than the ehx) for about $250 i think.
Hardwire DL-8
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy (no looper, analog)
Used Line 6 DL-4
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My headrush is awesome. They're underrated because theyre not well known, they really deserve more hype.

If you don't want all this reverse delay uselessy stuff theyre solid.

It's pretty convincing as an analogue delay with the HF damp too.