I posted up a cover of Collective Souls' song "Run". It's the complete song (all instrumentals and vocals).

It's pretty much at the edge of my vocal range, but i think I was able to squeek it out...haha!

The song's on my profile........check it out if you have some time.

I'd appreciate any feedback or comments......I will do the same in return.
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Very nice. The song would obviously benefit from better sampled instruments... is what you are using GM? Still sounds alright though.

The vocals are good, especially the octaved parts. The high part in the beginning sounds like it could use a little more "oomph!" You can hit those notes, now try putting more air behind them.

Overall, Really liked it! Great job man, i'm gonna check out some of your original stuff.

If you wanna crit something of mine, I have a thread that I believe is still on the first page of this forum, titled "Slide and Hey Soul Sister"


edit: my thread wasn't on the first page anymore so here's a link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1246590
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I really liked it, especially the vocals. However you can hear where you're struggling with the range so maybe try playing the song in a lower key?
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I haven't heard the original, but this sounds really good. Like [="Tom="] said, you can hear the bits where you're struggling, but overall it still sounds really sweet.

Nice song too, I've never heard of Collective Soul before. I'm bopping my head to this .
Thanks for the feedback guys,
Yes, this song is on the upper edge of my vocals range. I purposely kept it in the original key because I used this song as an exercise in transitioning from my modal voice to falsetto.
Lol, Ive already commeneted on this a while ago. But as I listen to it again, the vocals at the highest part before you go into falsetto could hear a slight struggle. Thats nothing though, just practice. Also again, the solo kind of bothers me, everything else in this song is very solid except the solo. I say change the tone to somthing different, the tone that it sits at now is a little too raunchy.

Good job though nonetheless.
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