We are a horror & gore influenced death metal and grind band. Hoping to get a new demo released soon & would very much like to start gigging early next year. Just need a drummer tho' ahaaa. If anyone's interested in trying it out with us for drumming then PM me & I will give you Marek's email as he's the band leader / founder. Make sure you can easily get to Leicester city center easily though & also it would be great if you're pretty experiened / good at death metal / extreme drumming. & if you live quite far but you're still interested anyway then still drop me a PM & you can discuss it with Marek.

Please leave your comments on my page & in this thread, it would be really appreciated. But if you're going to give negative feedback, make sure it's constructive criticism not spam.

Thanks in advance, Josh.
This is pretty sweet dude, nothing i havent heard before, but it has a nice old-school death metal vibe. you should check out my band. www.myspace.com/powerstance
So do you have anything interesting to play?