Hey all.

Normally I just goto a store and play around until I find what I want, but I'm currently deployed to Iraq. The only thing I've got over here is my POD Farm. I enjoy playing around with the stuff, and after playing with everything it's given me an idea of what I want.

I really enjoy Jerry Cantrell's tone in the fact that he gets a really tight crunch to his distortion, but when he goes into his leads it still rings through in that classic fender way (even though he plays a G&L. Still, similar enough). I think the secret might be his Fuzzface.

Anyway, most of my experience is in Fender amps. I think the stuff I'm looking for is gonna be found moreso in big tube amps like Mesa Boogie and the sort. I just need ideas for what to look at when I get home to kinda streamline things. Thanks.