ok i know that none of his songs are easy but what area some of the easiest ones?
Love Thing is probably the easiest, there's just one fast part but it's all on one string, so pretty easy to get down.
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Bassist for Half My Kingdom.
Ten words.

Cyrin, Ten words, Always with me, Always with you is relatively easy. Just the tone is impossible.

Oh an Starry Night
Would have thought Surfing with the Alien was the most obvious one.
Crushing Day is pretty easy...


Seriously, I'd go with Love Thing. I lurvz taht song. : )
Super Colossal & If I Could Fly are fairly easy except the solos for IFCF, which will obviously need more effort. And Plus 1 to the guy who said the tone is impossible. These songs usually don't sound the same without his tone or something really close.