I just got a new bass, actually I found a new bass. I found this bass in my grandparent's attic that used to belong to my uncle, and he let me have it. It's an old Kingston bass, that's probably been up in that attic for quite awhile, since a lot of the screws on there are rusted to point of crumbling when tried to be losened or anything, and there's no Kingston websites or pictures or anything online. So yeah, it's old. I put new strings on it and it seems to have an ok sound through the amp and everything, but the strings buzz like crazy when played around the 1st and 2nd frets. I've adjusted the action and everything but it still buzzes, so if anyone knows how to fix this let me know!

This is what the bass looks like if anyone is interested
It could be a high fret or two, or it could be that the bass needs a truss rod adjustment, or both. Having been sitting in an attic for years, all sorts of neck tension and wood-drying issues could be the culprit.