Alright, so im looking to buy some new active pickups for my jackson kelly ke3, and im trying to decide between some emg 81/85's and seymour duncan blackouts..

I play mostly death metal, as generic as it sounds haha, and im looking for something with clarity and no muddiness. So basically like a real crisp, brutal, loud tone.

What do you guys think?
I've got no experience with the blackouts but I have a set of EMG 81/85s in my jackson.

It took me a while to begin to like them but right now I wouldn't use anything else, especially after getting a tube amp.
I hear the blackouts are a little more organic/natural sounding though...
Top lel.
I hope you have a tube amp because if you don't then active pickups will sound like shit.

One of the biggest reasons to why people don't like EMG's and stick to passive pickups is that they think that the EMG's lack the more dynamic and organic tone of passive pickups and that EMG's sound quite sterile. Personally I do not like active pickups except for the Blackouts.
The Blackouts got the power, the punch and the "chunk" of the EMG's but still you have a organic and dynamic tone, but still nothing compared to lets say a Dimarzio.

So if you are 100 % sure to go with active pickups then go with the Blackouts.