Well, I've been looking at a Gibson studio for a while and a couple others, but I was just wondering, is it possible to switch out the neck when it's a set neck guitar? Would it be hilariously expensive to have someone do it for you?
It would be very expensive yes.

It is possible though to steam it out, not sure entirely of the process involved but it would be best left to a very good luthier.

and would more than likely result in a refinish of at least the neck.

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I don't think so. If it is possible, then yeah that would be ridiculously expensive, might as well buy a bolt on.
Its not an easy process. Not cheap to pay somebody to do it. Its a process reserved for repairs on pretty expensive guitars. Figure an epi its cheaper to buy a new guitar than it is to swap necks.
Hm, alright then. My main problem with a Studio neck is actually just that they don't have binding which bothers me, and I wanted to know if it would be cheaper since I heard that it would be really expensive to get binding on a guitar neck.
Getting binding installed probably would be cheaper than finding a bound neck and swapping them. As said its just best to learn to live without binding.
yeah putting binding on just requires a notch down the neck and a refret. in that case a refret by a good luthier could yield better results than before anyways but my guess is all d that would total around 500$ mine as well upgrade to a higher model.