I recently spotted an acoustic guitar on my local Kijiji.ca (Edmonton area) and saw a used acoustic guitar for $30; it had a soundhole pickup on it - I grabbed it because well, $30 is a pretty good deal for a guitar in general.

It has a few dents, but otherwise sounds great - I've heard I can put a little bit of water on these and the wood should absorb it and go somewhat back to its un-dented shape...?

Anyways, I decided to look up the soundhole pickup on the guitar because frankly, I haven't had an acoustic guitar before (though I have a Jackson WRMG and a basic Washburn electric) and was considering reselling at a higher price.

I found however, that this particular brand of pickup is considered a gem.

I haven't had a chance to pop it out yet, but from what I can tell the pickup is probably from late 60's to early 70's. Thoughts on which model, value it might be?

Also, any idea what brand the guitar might be? I could see no brand on the inside of the soundhole, and it only says "Japan" on the back of the headstock.
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