I'm in the market for a new guitar, looking for something to complement my Schecter C-1 Hellraiser.

I'm looking at these two as of now:

Ibanez S670PB Natural


Schecter C-1+ Black Tribal

I don't mind sticking with Schecter, but I have always fantasized having an S, and could use the extra-shreddable neck the Wizard offers, the Schecter necks are more of a chunky-riffing neck feel to me.

I'm concerned about the pickups on either of them, as I have no experience with either set.

I'm alright with having the ZR tremolo on the S, I know how all that works and such.

I also love the shit outta the S's finish, having recently developed a natural finish fetish.

I play Prog Metal mostly, with heavy influence from BTBAM, through a Bugera 333XL, and would greatly value your opinion on this matter.

Thanks in advance
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the schecter's finish is gorgeous and from the pic it has a coil tap, but if you want something to complement the schecter you already have then go with the ibanez imo

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sounds like you're definitely sure you want an S. i think if you got anything else you might end up regretting settling and NOT getting it. just my opinion after reading your first post.

anyway, even if you weren't set on going for the S i'd recommend it. they're quality guitars for the most part. i've heard a few complaints, but i've never had a problem with them when i've tested them out. i'm not a fan of the body, but they're definitely reliable guitars.
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Yup I'd agree with the other guys and say you definitely do want the S, and you can always change pickups at a later date if they aren't too your taste.
Definitely try out the S first, Ibanez necks are amazing nacks for those who like them, I personally find the shape unplayable, but if you like the neck, the rest of the guitar is far superior to the schecter.
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And I have experience with Wizard necks, my first guitar was a crap RG120 haha, but I'm certainly going for the S now, thanks everyone.