You shouldn't.
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I really don't know what you mean. You don't resonate from your throat. Singing from your throat just damages your voice and doesn't sound very good. If you're looking for a specific sound, there's plenty of ways to sound raspy or whatever and still sing correctly. Even metal/hardcore screams, when done correctly, don't damage your voice or resonate in the throat.
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If you're talking about actual throat singing, meaning overtone singing, there are plenty of youtube vids for it.

If you talking about singing from your throat, then don't, it's bad for your throat.

Also, for people who don't know what throat singing is, it's a misnomer.
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i meant kurt cobain type stuff.

Pretty late answering, but w/e.

Yeah, don't do it. You'll be kicking yourself in the head when you need to have surgery to remove nodules and polyps from your vocal chords.