Does Marshall make a 2x12 cab with Vintage 30s? Also, what is the difference between all Celestion speakers? What speaker is better for metal? Also, is a 2x12 and different from a 4x12 other than volume?
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Not sure if Marshall does, but I know that Orange does, and Avatar is always a good choice for custom specs at a cheaper price than most stock cabinets.
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I really don't see why this couldn't have gone in your other thread.

But no they don't. The only cab I can think of of theres that use V30s is the 1960AV/BV cabinets. What amp are you using with the head?

Also, a 4x12 is going to sound bigger as it pushes more air, not really more volume, also, it will sound more defined in the low end as well as having a tighter, more focused low end.