I'm in my first year of uni, and its going really well got a good group of mates. But, most of my mates are all living in a different hall, and the guys in my hall....i dont not get on with them, we are just not really friends. Anyway, my main group of mates are the sorta people i would love to live with next year. However, they have all been mates since the first week and have been looking at an 8 bedroom house. If they get this 8 bedroom house i'm not going to be included in this as there are 8 of them in the other halls.

Not really sure what i should do. I know its early to be thinking about stuff like this, which is kinda why i'm a bit woried. I spoke to one of them and explained how i felt and they did say that they would love to live with me, but that the 8 bedroom house is somthing they said from the begining. I have other mates, but they arent my close friends, and each of them have got a group that they will probably end up living with. I'm kinda slipping through the gap if you know what i mean.

i know this is a bit of a rant, just needed to get it off my chest. Its not a case of my mates being dicks, its just the situation.

ahhhh!!! any adive would be great
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Make more friends? (aswell as your current ones)
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maybe one of your mates would like to be your roommate as well?

having your own room is great, but it tends to get lonelier.
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I know how you feel mate, kudos on telling the guys how you feel cos that's more important than living with them and not having told them. It's unfortunate but what the hell, you have a great group of mates and you will be able to hang out with them even tho they live in a different hall. Just don't let the friendship die cos of that.

With my mates, i lived with them in 2nd year, and then we got separated but I kept the friendship going through the next few years. Just keep hanging with them no matter what.
One thing my experience at college has told me is that Housing is a bitch, and it always seems to **** people. If you wait patiently maybe something will happen. A kid might want to room with some one else and open you a spot, someone will decide to leave school, or some other misfortune that you can turn to your favor. When I went to college my 2 best friends came too, and by the end of the first year they had both left. You never know whats gonna happen, especially 6 months from now.
cheers guys. its just got to me a bit really. Its not that i am angry with them or think they dont like me as that isnt the case at all. Its just there are 8 of them, in the other hall that have been mates since freshers week and i got to know them through clubs and my course. theres the 4 guys that i get on with really well plus 4 girls that i know through the guys. All really good people and it would be amazing to live with the guys next year, lads house would be quality. But yeah, its just because they have found a 8 bedroom house and have been looking at it and i feel a bit left out and such...ahhh. I guess there isnta nything i can actully do as i'm not going to make them live with me. and i told them that if they decide to live as an 8 its not a problem and i wouldnt be mad or anything. its just yeah....i guess its becasue its so early into the year.

just needed to get it off my chest i think
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Look, if you keep this up I'm going to have to call the lifeguard to remove you from the genepool.