I have a Digtech RP80 that I use for recording into my Tascam 8-track. I like it well enough for the sounds it produces, but the problem I have with it is noise. It just is a mess with some settings and produces a lot of noise and hum that I can't get rid of. So I'm thinking of getting a RP355, which would definitely be an upgrade. I've read a bunch of reviews from lots of places that sell them and everyone likes it, but there are no mentions of the noise and hum. What worries me is that I've read reviews of the RP80 that I have and nobody is mentioning noise with that either. So did I just get a bad unit, or is everyone putting up with the noise? And is the RP355 going to be any better?
My RP250 had no hum. However, it sounded god-awful if I used it with a drive channel (Then again, that was with an SS amp. I haven't plugged it into the new amp), so I plugged it into my cleans (And it was silent/awesome there).
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