When I record my playing I get the annoying sound of the pick clashing with the string. Is there a way to remove them? Could it be because of my hard pick?
Yes,thick and hard picks get you that sound. Most people like it,others don't. Solution:lighter picks or a noise gate.
^ True dat. Also, you might try the tortex picks if you aren't already. They're made of softer material than other plastic picks, so who knows?
jazz III picks don't make too annoying a noise. you might also be able to cut down on some of the noise just by redoing your EQ/distortion settings.
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I'm actually using a tortex wedge 0.60mm

Mine could be a .80. I'm not really sure I've rubbed the ink off.
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That's strange,when I used tortex picks I never had a problem with pick sounds. And I played with 1.14mm tortex picks. Now I use Jazz III picks and I love the pick sound they produce,not too loud but still there,just the way I like it. You might want to try Jazz I picks,they are with a smoother edge and are really amazing picks.
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I'm actually using a tortex wedge 0.60mm

.60mm, that's not too thick.......I use .73mm and I don't have too much of a problem with pick noise in my recordings. What kind of recording set-up do you use?
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1.14mm? Thats really thick

Jazz III are 1.38 or something like that. You've got to try them tho,you won't notice how thick they are
Its not really thick but tortex picks are made of hard materials and I don't really get what you mean by set up.
Ok let's put it this way:
Thicker picks produce thicker sounds lol. More noticeable and perfect for single-note picking or power chords. Jazz III picks are really small and thick and they offer the best from speed and sound for me.
Lighter picks bend easier and produce a less treble-ish sound. Perfect for chord strumming.
The material matters as well,nylon is high on treble,the material from which tortex picks are made of produces a less-treblish but something inbetween. Plastic is awful in my opinion. You ought to try from every kind
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Its not really thick but tortex picks are made of hard materials and I don't really get what you mean by set up.

How are you recording your guitar? Is it an acoustic or electric guitar? Are you mic'ing the amp or acoustic guitar?...or are you pluging directly into a recording interface on the computer? Are you using any pedals or other audio equipment?....etc.
I'm recording and electric and I'm miking the amp. I've searched the web for info on recording and miking the amp is better.