I just got a Peavey Valveking head about a month ago, and its been great

I just had my first opportunity to really crank this thing and it sounds great until i turn it up past 3.5 after that it sounds like theres a mattress in front of it.

ive tried messing around with the eq a bit and i dont think its that, im thinking its either my cab or maybe my tubes, what do you guys think
Yeah, that'll happen with that amp. You can improve it a little better with new speakers and tubes, but it may not go away completely depending on the rest of your rig and how much it bothers you.

I'm assuming you've played with the A/AB knob in the back, that can help.
sounds more like a cab issue, what kind of cab are you useing, how old are the tube though?
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well my guitar is an ibanez grg170dx and then i have a knock off strat with hsh both are stock pickups

ive messed with the a/ab knob and that didnt really help

the cab im using is a Peavy 412

and i bought the amp used so im not sure how long its been since the tubes were changed
Start with new preamp tubes, then new power tubes. It might be the cab, but you should probably get new tubes either way, plus that way you can keep the old ones as spares in case the new ones die.