Hey I have this thing that plagues me. I try to learn new songs (I've been playing off and on for 2-3 years) and I'm currently learning a very simple song: A little Help From My Friends by the Beatles. (Trying to sing and play it.) However, this happens regardless.

When I learn a song, I can only seem to play it when I'm LISTENING to it, its like as soon as I try to play it separately, I just lose it, I can't play it, I only remember the chords, I don't remember at all how the song goes. Sure yeah I get songs stuck in my head, but theres just something about trying to play it, that makes me just lose everything about how the song sounded so now I can't play it.

WTF is going on. It is very frustrating. Do other people experience this? I have this problem on even the most simple songs, like trying to sing and play mother. Am I trying to hard what? I'll probably just get made fun of, but thanks in advance for the advice.
When I learn songs by ear I usually play them on my iPod and then right away after I pause it try to figure it out. I usually can't remember every little note/nuances.

It's normal I guess. Everyone has different ways their brain registers music.
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I have the opposite of that happen. I've played trumpet for years, so I have a good internal metronome, so if I know how fast the song is, I can play it, but when I listen to the song, i always try to "listen too much" and that screws up my playing. But then again, I'm not singing while I play, which I can only do to certain songs.


I agree it just takes playing it over and over until you're sick of it. I have the same problem if there are five or more different chords in the song. I can never memorize the order. I sing and play, too, but I don't think that has anything to do with it.

I fault my memory and lack of practicing the song, usually.
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