At night the weak are left defenceless
Sacrificed by the world to fear their fears
They stand alone afraid and forgotten
Emotions flood their minds and form into tears

Blood flows through their veins quicker now
Their hearts jump while their bodies stay behind
Their pulse is the sirens call to the creatures
The sound is enough to make them lose their minds

And if im ever forgotten
Dont worry ill never be alone
Cause in the graveyard of souls begotten
Ill finally be home

Something shuffles softly in the distance
The silent black is all that can be seen
Their minds are rushing with anticipation
Their only solace is that this might just be a dream

And if the cold isnt enough to kill their fear
The stunning face of the predetor will suffice
They only hope to go slow and painlessly
But nothing goes as planned at night
We are
We are the shaken
We are the monsters
Underneath your bed