So here's what happened.

Somewhere in life my input jack broke. A few years later I took it to the welding teacher and he grafted the wire to something else (no solder). I have a soldering iron here.

Please help. I really need this guitar to work.

Pix are in my gallery. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for posting pictures, unfortunately, I can't see the problem clearly from them. My guess is that one of both of the wires are disconnected from the jack.
For it to work, the Hot wire should be connected to the tip lug on the jack. The ground should be connected to the sleeve lug on the jack.

For example, in this picture the red wire is hot and the green wire is ground.
yes, Cedric, that is the case. But in my Squier it's just one wire that's been grafted by another double ended wire. Should I remove that graft? It's the awkward black thing.
Remove the grafted part if you can. Having too much excess wire in there just makes it more likely that things will get jumbled up and develop a short.