Hey guys, my band Xstrophy just released our EP about a month ago, and we were wondering what you guys thought about it. We are a metal band from the Gettysburg area. The link in my sig is my bands official website where you can find our entire EP under the media section. Let me know if you listen to a song and what you think about it. Ill gladly check out anything you post in here as well.
I tried listening to a few of the songs under the meda section and there was only like 15 seconds of them. So I listened to the song that plays on the first page. Your music reminds me a great deal of slayer (a good thing obviously), especially your vocalist, though I think the vocals need to be a little less loud in the mix and need a bit more high end for clarity's sake. I like your rhythm tone as well, suits the style well. A fast, chromatic heavy solo would be a really wise addition to that song, would go well with the american death metal sound you guys have.

c4c? - On my profile, "Sapien Magnetism"
hmmm... thats weird about my link only showing 15 secs of that link. Yeah, that song is called 2012. Its probably the easiest one to play but one of the most fun. Anyway Im listening to your song now. I like the style, its pretty ambient and mellow sounding. Im not a huge fan of the vocal style over the kind of music, but your screams are good, dont get me wrong. I like how it always has a lead guitar thing going over everything.It sounds pretty good man, and the quality is pretty nice.

Anyway, if the official link doesnt work for anyone, you can go onto www.myspace.com/xstrophy21 and hear it as well. Im about to put up the mastered tracks because they are all unmastered as of right now.