I've looked on iTunes and Amazon, I've googled it and I can't find it anywhere... Does anyone know where to find it? When I googled it, there was the first result from Lala.com and such, but I don't want to order it from there, because I don't have an account there and don't want to make an account just to get one song.

Any help is appreciated.
The band would help

RAGEDIT: Bfmv eh? pretty gay bro
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Yes, BFMV.
Gay? No.
I just want to find the song somewhere, preferably not having to download 3rd party stuff.

UPDATE: Found it...
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I find it hard to believe that Amazon doesn't stock the Hand of Blood EP
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I did too but I found it at filestube.com... Scanned it with every AntiVirus I have and its all good.
Shouldn't this be in the rock forum or something...emo? hardcore? I dno.

Anyway, I bought it from iTunes years ago when I was into this stuff. From their Hand Of Blood EP. You should be able to find it on there.
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I found it on the internet...

I always thought that they were Metalcore...
To each his own I guess