Recorded a song today... Its a wall-of-sound style, sort of atmospheric piece about a number of things. I have the intuition that the mixing is kind of bad but I honestly cant tell what the **** I'm missing. Anyways, let me know what you think about the riffs ( I like them alot) and my vocals (especially the distorted stuff - a number of you have commented before that my normal singing is alot better than my distorted stuff - I have been singing for a number of years, so I know, you dont need to remind me because I just started trying to do metal/hxc vox with any seriousness - if you have experience with them, and you have any tips for me, I would greratly appreciate that.)

Its on my profile as "Sapien Magnetism"

c4c guaranteed, as long as you tell me what song/give me a link.
ok so I re-did the mixing for this song and its alot better. the offer for c4c still stands
i like it i dont see the metal or hardcore in there but whatever lol . i couldnt really tell what was going on but that may be because my head is a little messed up right now. your singing was good and the screaming wasnt horrible, and the only tip i can give about that is to jsu use your diaphram lol. im gonna listen to this song again when im high lol