So here's my dilemma; I'm in this band with a couple of my good friends. But here's the catch; they all suck. I feel confident saying that I'm a fairly competent musician (far from amazing, but I can hold my own). I feel kinda like a d-bag saying it, but they're really not very good musicians, and they don't seem to realize it. None of them really practice a whole lot to improve. We've got a bassist who is tone deaf/rhythmically challenged, a vocalist who can growl but not sing (which is very important to what we play), and a drummer who's just too tense and has a hard time finding a groove (there's also another guitarist, who's not spectacular, but not completely incapable either).

I don't want to up and walk away without a reason because, like I said, they're my good friends, but I almost feel embarrassed playing with them. I know some other guys who I could play with, but I don't want to play the same stuff with them because I'd feel like a backstabber. I know I could start another band playing different stuff, but progressive metal type stuff (which is what we play) is where my musical passion really lies. This all sounds like some shitty tween drama-sitcom, but oh well. So my question is, how should I deal with this situation? Feel free to make fun of me or call me a twat, I know it'll probably happen anyway, though I apologize if I sound conceited or condescending.
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ive been in the same situations quite a number of times myself. if you keep playing with them, at the way you make it sound now, you will become quite miserable with it, which is the complete opposite of what you should be doing with music, having fun. if they are good friends, as you say, then they will completely understand why you want to pursue another road...they will most likely be pissed, but they wont hate you for it, and you'll be a better musician playing with other people.
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Dont be such a twat...

But seriously, just find better people to play with, playing with better people will help you become a better player as well.
As I see you have 3 options:
1. Tell them that they need to take the band seriously and practice or your out.
2. Take it in the ass and do nothing
3. Join a twat-only mariochi band in Mexico city

I personally belive 3 is your best chance
Mexicans + Twats= wonderful lifetime experiences. I might just go with that.
But yeah, if life continues as is, I might go with the #1 approach. Thanks for the advice, guys
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..............................................I have epic fail.........................................

You started a progressive metal band with musicians who you knew were not up to snuff? You know what they say about making your bed and having to lie in it?

Be honest with them. Nobody likes a guy who does things behind their backs. If they have any personal integrity, they will understand. They might be hurt, but they should at least appreciate the honesty.
Unless they're whiny brats. Then they'll probably hate you.
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Mexicans + Twats= wonderful lifetime experiences. I might just go with that.
But yeah, if life continues as is, I might go with the #1 approach. Thanks for the advice, guys

your welcome dude
Hmm, 6 months ago I was in this same position. Our bassist was just awful, he couldn't even play. Our drummer actually was very good, and our lead singer wasn't too good. I was fairly good, I played with a Townshend style to fill out the sound, with chordal solos and such.

Pretty soon, we fired the bassist, and continued on. A month later, We invited another guitarist too join and I was to take up bass. The guitarist didn't know any theory and couldn't improv or write a solo, so I switched back to guitar to play lead while he took on rhythm. Our lead singer took up bass having previous experience. He just needed to practice playing and singing at the same time.

So now, we had a mediocre naslly singer/barely even rootnote bassist, and very talented drummer that suggests covering every song he hears, a mix between Pete Townshend and Noel Gallagher, and a Green Day and Nirvana loving power-chord artist.

This lineup worked out fairly well musically, but the drummer and rhythm guitarist got sidetracked a lot. The singer improved drastically at singing, and has made improvements on his bass playing. The singer/bassist and I always wrote the songs, me doing music and him doing melody and words. Almost every song was split exactly 50/50 writing.

Lately, we haven't been going anywhere and we are letting the band die, but we will probably have future plans. The bassist and I are looking to start a trio with one of our friends even.

So point is, stick with it and encourage them to practice more. They will improve drastically, or at least one of them will. If you feel you can't wait that long, ask them if it's all right if you are in another band as long as it doesn't interfere with this one.