Hey so recently my itunes crashed and stopped working. I lost all my music and after reinstalling it Itunes will no longer work on my computer and i can not use an older version since they dont work as well. Im trying to transfer all my music i downloaded to another computer will file sharing. However these new folders are not showing in the public folder. What can i do
im pretty sure it is turned on both ends and yea that is that way im trying this
Yeah I tried doing it but could never figure it out either...

Have any usb transfer cords of external hard drives?
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What operating systems are you using?

I was trying to transfer some music to my brothers laptop but he's running vista and I've got windows 7. It wouldn't allow him to join the home network so it didn't work. I could however get access to his music.
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na, although if a USB transfer cord would solve this i could buy one

You could do it with a USB stick too, considering the fact that most people with a computer own one these days.

Though it might take a while depending on the size of the flash drive.
yea its way too much for my little stick lol, although i think only one of our computers is running windows 7, ill update his as well
flash drive....if its not enough space at first just delete then go back...simple ....and they are pretty cheap if you go to certain places.
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my flash is 1G, and i have 64g of music to transfer. Im gona save that for worst case
big development, i remembered i can remotely control his computer with some software i put on his computer so nowi just turned off his firewall/Anti-virus and am transfer the files right now
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yea its way too much for my little stick lol

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yea its way too much for my little stick lol
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