Hey you guys, I'm Daniel. I've been playing guitar for a few months and I've adavnced extremely quickly. I have a vast knowledge of guitars, equipment, musical history, etc.. I'm 14, and (sadly) live in Kentucky. I mainly use ESP but am hoping to switch to Dean when I get the money to stop renting, and actually buy my own equipment. I play a wide range from metal, to indie, to blues, basically if I feel like playing it - it's what I play. I don't like to stay to one particular playing style. It's good to be versatile imo. Ultimate Guitar has been my only go to place for tabs, and I'm finally making an account. So, hello.

Please excuse typos, it's almsot midnight here. Haha.
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Hey Daniel... good to know you're Yngwie/A Living encyclopedia, welcome to UG.

Now I'm no Yngwie. Haha
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Alas!!!!!!!!! More kentuckians!!!

I take at there are many Kentukians around here? XD