Hi, I'm looking to buy a new amp (my first tube/valve) and I really like the orange tiny terror, but i have also been recommended the fender super champ XD, the super champ is a 15 watt tube amp, the same as the tiny terror, but it is way cheaper. The Super champ is a combo with only a 10' speaker and im wondering if it will be loud enough to play with a 100watt solid state bass amp and drums when i practice with my band.

Eventually im gonna get the tiny terror or a even better head and a 2x12 cabnet, but i dont exactly have $1200 and it would take me a few months to get that much cash but i can buy the fender super champ XD right now and use that in the mean time.

Should i just save up for the tiny terror or do you think the fender super champ XD will be enough for me?

Or do you have any other amps that you would recommend?


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Depends what you want to play.

The Fender I would suggest for multiple styles, seeing as it comes with 16 amp presets.

The Orange is an amazing amp, though as with most high priced tube amps, it does 3-4 things, but it does them EXTREMELY well.

Really it comes down to: Do you know what you want to play? If so, what?
i have tiny terror and its good for classic, punk, and hard rock as wells as blues. it can do metal with a overdrive or EQ pedal to a degree but it wouldn't be enough for the full out metal player. i never tried the fender super champ but i still say Orange is better amp company than fender overall (i think a lot of ppl would agree.).
Consider the Bugera v22. I've tried the super champ, and like almost all of Fender's other amps, it doesn't overdrive particularly well.
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