So I've been in the market to own a guitar for quite some time now. I've always rented my axe's from a local music shop, they usually carry ESP, B.C. Rich, Jackson, and Squier. I've been going to guitar center, and I've fallen in love with Dean ML's. And they seem to be within budget when they are not fitted with Floyd Rose. I'm heavily leaning toward the ML, but what else should I look into? I play a lot of distorted/hard rock, but I like to play jazzy soft things every now and then. So something leaning towards metal, but can be kinda versitle. Any help?
Need more information.

What type of bridge do you want?
What type of neck joint do you want?
What pickup layout do you want?
What woods would you prefer?
Anything else the guitar needs/do?
Do not get an ML X they are very low quality guitars, try to go for a black gold series ML if you can.

EDIT: The Black Gold series is sort of out of your price range. The 79 series is really nice and they're towards the top of your price range. Trust me do not cheap out if you're buying a dean.

also. This is your man for Dean Guitars

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1. String thru, but Floyd Rose if it's within budget.
2. I don't really care.
3. 2 Humbuckers I'd say
4. I like agathis. But I'll go with recomendation.
5. Nothing too special.
Agathis is actually a fairly poor tone wood, found only on inexpensive guitars, The 79 series has all the other things you need only it has a mahogany body with a maple top (very popular and time tested wood combo)
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