I keeping getting unwanted noise when bending. If I pull down on the string, the higher strings make noise and if I push up, I get noise from touching the string above and sometimes my finger gets caught on it. How can everyone else bend and vibrato with no noise?
I just palm mute it. Doing bends will make you touch other strings, but muting those strings help get rid of extraneous noise.
Try positioning your fingers differently. Like the angle of your finger in relation to the fret board.
When you are practicing and you run into this problem, try to duplicate it on purpose and then you can get a better idea of what you need to do to correct it.
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Practice makes perfect. The only way to get bending and vibrato down are to do it over and over until your fingers start to bleed then keep on pushing. There are some things you can cheat at when playing but bending and vibrato are not 2 of them.

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