Lately I've noticed that when I play standing up my wrist starts to hurt after playing for about 5 minutes. This is most noticable when I'm playing using a lot of barre or power chords. I kind of have big hands (don't know it this has anything to do with it.) Just wondering why this was going on or how I could fix it.
Im not sure, maybe carpel tunnel or something like that. I have the problem where my picking arm bicep hurts when im playing. I dont even use my arm to pick, it just hurts.
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This... I used to have the same problem. I know every ones different but basically your left arm (right if your a lefty) should be at a 90 degree angle so the curve of your palm matches the curve of the back of the neck. Hope that helps.
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Im only just learning to stand up properly i never feel confertable. Cant change gears and get scared going around corners standing up.
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Took me awhile to get comfy with it on the heavy 4 stroke..
Felt like it wanted to wash out under me on corners at first..

But now I stand 95% of the time. It's all about getting your weight transfer on the pegs..and body position..

Reduces arm pump and upper arm/shoulder fatigue when squeezing with legs.. some time's I feel I can even let the bars go.. "But i don't"

Position gear lever so you can flick it up and down whilst standing and sitting..
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