Okay, so first of all, what's up UG, it's been a long time since I've been on the forums or even looked up tabs for that matter. It's definitely good to have a stable internet connection again.

So onto my problem...

I have just joined a band as a guitarist, and we're trying to create a sound that's Melodic and Metalcore. Bands that influence my play style: Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, Within The Ruins, The Ghost Inside, and August Burns Red.

Now my problem is, when it comes to writing riffs, I seem to stay within the generic 4/4 riffing box, you know: palm mute, note, palm mute, note, palmed triplet, note, repeat. And I would really like to get out that, but can't seem to do that without it sounding really really shitty.

ABR and Within The Ruins are the two bands that seem to break that cycle, which comes to my question: How is it that they're able to create these riffs/melodies? WTR has some crazy progressive melodic phrases that I would never think of writing. And ABR's breakdowns are just ****ing sick. I think my point is I want to write music like this, without stealing/recycling their riffs/solos/breakdowns, but I need help. That is where you UG'ers come into play. Please help me, in my hour of musical need. My band would also appreciate it mucho! Any ideas, tips, suggestions, or references are welcome.
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1. try listening to new music? its hard not to recycle/reuse other bands riffs if that is all you listen to.

2. try thinking chord progression then melody then riff, its hard to think when ur already riffing at a 100 miles an hour slow things down and learn to dissect them.

3. an add on to my second point, learn some music theory it'll help out a lot stuff like harmonization, chord progressions, tension, release of tension, counterpoint etc all of that stuff goes into really good melodic riffs
Learn some of their music, get a feel for what they do. Try to use spacing effectively.
Here's something to try... the way you normally play, and the riffs you usually end up playing, don't play them at all that whole day (I'm not talking about specific riffs, just the general patterns you tend to rely on). Try something that's unusual and unpredictable, that jumps around more or uses odd time signatures.