Hello All,

I've been playing about a year, acoustic first and bought a Laguna electric start-up package w/ a Line 6 Spider III amp a few months back. I am thinking about buying a new electric. I generally play classic rock / bluesy stuff, and some jam bandy stuff.

I can spend about 600 and I wanted opinions. I was at guitar center about 3 hours today and really enjoyed the Stratocaster Roadhouse Deluxe, and the PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow body.



I'm mostly wondering if I can get a better bang for my buck with a different guitar. Or which of these two people would advise. Keep in mind I like the thin neck of these two. I loved the look of the Epiphone LP's but they just felt too clunky to work with.

Thanks in advanced for any advice!

Don't be afraid to look into the used market. You're definitely going to get more bang for your buck by finding a deal on your local craigslist. You might want to look into a new amp as well.

I personally love stratocasters for blues, and the roadhouse deluxe is a great model.

I've yet to try out the PRS SE semi-hollow, so I can't tell you much about it.
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