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I'm in the market for a new guitar. I've only been playing for about 6 months, I only own a cheap Fender Stratocaster knockoff, although I've been using a borrowed Ephiphone SG, which I'm quite pleased with but obviously need to give it back at some point. Anyway, I'm looking for something fairly versatile, as I like to play metal (Black Sabbath, Metallica, etc.), as well as rock, hard rock, blues, and so on. After a bit of searching, I'm becoming interested in the Ibanez ART100, since most reviews say it's very versatile, has great sound, good build, etc. The only problem is I'd prefer something with 24 frets and a whammy bar, and it doesn't look like there's a model of this guitar which has these. Can anyone recommend a similar (or better) guitar with these features which is preferably less than $600?

Thanks in advance.
you can get an ibanez rg350dx with 24 frets and a floyd (albeit a mediocre one) for like $400, and I'd put the rest into an amp.
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I actually bought a used Fender Princeton Chorus not too long ago and I love it, haha, but thanks though.
oh in that case nevermind. For $600 you could probably get a higher end RG. You should also check out the washburn x series. In my experience washburn gives you better bang for your buck than ibanez, jackson, or ltd.
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Sounds good, I'll be going to the music store tomorrow, I'll try out a bunch of those. Also, I'm a bit concerned that having a tremolo might have downsides, since the SG I'm using doesn't have one. Is a guitar with a tremolo bar generally more prone to going out of tune, more difficult to tune, or anything else?
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yes a guitar with tremolo will get out of tune more often. though u can always block off the tremolo.
well that all depends on the quality and type of bridge. A floyd rose can be a bitch to tune, but if you get a nice one it won't go out of tune very often. They're also a bitch to restring, and I mean A BITCH.

A typical strat style tremolo won't let you go as far as a floyd rose and it won't let you go both ways, but it's much easier to deal with, it can go out of tune pretty easily, taking good care of your nut can prevent this though.

Bigsbys are hard to find with a guitar that has 24 frets and go out of tune extremely easily but it does let you go both ways and are also a bitch to restring.

to decide whether and which type of tremolo is right for you is something you have to think about. You have to consider what styles you play, how often you'd use it, and what you lose by getting one. They make Ibanez RGs with and without tremolos as well as Washburn Xs with and without, same with jacksons, and ESPs. Compare similar floyd and non-floyd models to decide whether or not you really want a tremolo.

A good way to test whether a floyd is good or not is to really wail on it. Use it way more than is necesarry when you're trying it. Go way down, then way up, really get in there with it, if it stays in tune after lots of use then you have a good one on your hands. It will also let you know how much you enjoy using a floyd and whether its worth the trade-off, for many it is, for many it isn't
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used RG570 or RG550! as long as you're ok with learning the set up of a floyd rose (which isn't that bad, just have somebody show you and take lots of mental notes). they're extremely reliable guitars with some ridiculously reliable tremolo units (the original Edge trem). and as a starter guitar; you'd completely blow away all the starter gear i've seen on this forum. plus (buying on ebay they're around $400 - $600) you could be able to save a decent amount of money too. i highly recommend them!

EDIT: and about the limitations of a floyd: you can't change tunings very quickly. basically to change tunings puts different amounts of pressure on the bridge (lower the tuning = less pressure) and the bridge is kept floating evenly with springs located in the back. to change tunings it requires a good deal of adjusting the springs and balancing the whole thing out. most people leave their floyd guitars in one tuning.

i personally can't stand vintage tremolos, but it might be your best bet as a beginner if you really want one and don't want to have the hassle of the floyd.
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I do like to change tunings quite often, especially when tuning down for Sabbath songs or to open chords for Stones/Bob Dylan/etc. Sounds like the floyd might be out, at least until I can justify buying more guitars haha.