Alright, here's album number 2 of my band here on UG. I've had all but three of these songs on here previously, so you may have heard the other 6 already. The album is a loose concept album based on the last day on Earth, starting from Dawning, to the last battle that is ended with the last sunset. If people are interested, I'll post descriptions for the songs.

Hope you like, and we're writing follow-up EP (makes it sound like we're a super-serious band lol) to the "Water" album, the Antarctic EP, which should probably be done around the new year.
This sounds very awesome.

I don't have anything to critique other than minor things.

I don't think track 1 and 2 shouldn't have a full measure of nothing between them. I think they'd work well segued together.

One thing though... I don't think II should end with a held out note. Keep it going into a fade.

I really really dig all of this. You've actually helped my life (no, sersly, I've been in a major slump for almost 2 years) by reminding me of some simple things I've forgotten... And at the same time I really dig this music.

I really want to buy your EP('s?) now. Haha.

Great job. :]
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Quote by Garb
I really want to buy your EP('s?) now. Haha.

Yeah, that may take a while... We've barely got any songs recorded, and 3/4 of the songs sound pretty bad. So, basically I use the terms "band" and "album" kinda loosely.
To Be honest, I really didnt like over half of the whole EP. Here, Ill give you MY opinion of the EP.

Dawning - This song is VERY slow. It feels like it takes 3-4 minutes just to start it! The riffs are sweet but I would like if it was sped up a little, or add some Choir Aahs in measures 1-11. Also i think the song ends too abruptly, i suggest you end it with a held note or fade it off. Overall this song is a 7/10

Dead Wolves - I like the lead riff, but to me it gets VERY annoying after a while. I think of this song s a "filler" song. When the song hits measure 14 everything starts to get better. I think the song couldve had a stronger start, and maybe change up the lead parts a bit? Overall this song is a 7/10

Amethyst - This song is alright after you listen to it a few times. It kinda grows on you. This song is very good, But what i dont like about it is that You use that riff a billion times lol. I like when music changes throughout the song, not just playing the same riff over and over again. Overall this song is a 6/10

Everest - One word for this song, WOW. You surprised me with this song. This song rocks so much dude, and it's so catchy! I would listen to this song day and night if i had your EP. It's a very well though out song and everything about this song just somehow gets to me. Overall this song is an Epic win 10/10

II - Catchy piano which makes me wanna cry because it's beautiful. This is a very well structured song and could bring tears to people's eyes. With motivating lyrics, this could be a master peice. Overall this song is a 9/10, But i want it to be LONGER!

Invicta - This riffs for this song are very catchy, but one thing I dont like is the ending of the song. Maybe you could end it with a chord or a held note? Overall this song is a 7/10

65 - One of my favorites of your EP. i Like the jazz guitar and this song just seems to come together well. I was surprised at the beat change, it was amazing. I really hope you can write more songs like this one. This one is perfect. 10/10

Gears - This song urges me to hit something! Headbanging material, and is a VERy good song. Like the riffs, the chords, this song is a win in my book. 9/10

Battle With The Sunset - WOW, just wow. Very good song, and it's very intense. You probably spent hours perfecting the riffs in this song. I like this song ALOT. This song basically won me over. 10/10

Overall your Ep is about 8-9/10, Just work on the songs that in my opinion werent that good. And i think you could somewhere with this.
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I like a lot of it except for the third song. Too poppy for me. Dude I'd buy you album but I just listened to a lot of your music. You might want to think about getting some decent gear man..the sound hurts my ears :/
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