Ive found a micro cube for sale for $30 and a Vox DA5 for $50

I would be taking them to school daily for my guitar class, to be used with an Ibanez RG470.

I mainly play metal, but my guitar teacher wont be having any of that shit. So i need something that has decent clean tones for when Im at school and decent distortion tones for when im at home.

I would be willing to spring for the DA5 if its worth 20 dollars more and have it brought to me but would have to drive 50 miles for the Cube (gas cost isnt a problem just the horrible traffic that im worried about)

EDIT: I didnt read the rules about the VS. thread (facepalm.jpg) so I'll modify my question just a bit because i maybe didnt stress that im not asking which is better, but Which is more versatile?

Im probably one of the better guitar players at my school and as such i get a lot of requests, so i would need to be able to change settings and effects on the fly to try to imitate popular bands.
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The vs rules on this forum are honestly ridiculous. I can't stand how much the mods want to control discussion.

The DA5 would be a better bet. Ideally, honestly, you should get both. The Microcube has an acoustic simulator and a Jazz Chorus model which would be good for your situation. The DA5 has a wider range of models though, a slightly bigger speaker and more/better effects. However the Microcube has seperate delay/verb setting to the other effects, and is powered by AA batteries which are easier to get in rechargable format.

I would say the DA5 is probably more versatile.
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The vs rules on this forum are honestly ridiculous. I can't stand how much the mods want to control discussion.

Not really. The rules forbid "this vs. this," when the TS isn't talking about anything other than vague opinion sharing - which is inane and doesn't really do much aside from take up space. This thread, however poses, "this vs. this - what is better for me," which is a perfectly valid question. Granted, there are a lot of morons who would report this anyway even though IIRC, that sort of thing is explicitly addressed in the rules. But the rules themselves are perfectly fair.

Anyway. I have a Micro Cube, and have played DA5s extensively. I would take the DA5 any day. Much better overdrive sounds all around, though the thick jazzy kind of clean may be somewhat lacking. What guitar will you be playing it with?
I'd take the DA5, I haven't tried it, but I've played the micro cube and I wasn't very impressed. Judging by reviews and what people have said on here, go with the DA5.

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Well i did end up going with both and for metal stuff i prefer the Vox but for clean tones the cube sounds better

also the Vox is a beast, i didnt know that there was a wattage switch and it was on .5 watts and when i put it on 5 i was dumbfounded that that little amp was so loud

The Cube is no slouch but im afraid to turn it up too loud with the distortion.
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