hey there folks, I'm fairly new to songwriting and was looking for some criticism on how to improve my skills. These songs are pretty straightforward, unfortunately there aren't any drums because I'm terrible at tabbing out drum beats, so just try to imagine them in your head or somehting, lol. All feedback is appreciated, and if you want me to crit one of your songs just gimme a linky and I'll let you know what I think.
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Could you put up GP4s for this?

If you don't know how, go to File>Export>Guitar Pro 4 format
yeee will be good with lyrics and drums. The chord progression is pretty straight forward like you said but I really liked the lead you added in (except in bar 52, didn't like those notes, too away from upbeatness of the riff). It all sounded good but you may be overusing the lead overlays a bit to much imo.

Thirteen is off to a stronger start straight away, nice little picking intro. I think when you enter the verse you should still carry on the picking in some just for a bit (i copy pasted the intro picking but it didn't work to well but play around imo and find something). I really liked the bridge, you write lots of nice happy riffs. I actually didn't like the chorus very much. Might sound different with distortion and recordings and vocals and all that. It sounded fine but I didn't like how it fit into the song, it didn't really for me.
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hey, thanks for the crit. I'm a bit confused what you mean when you say that I'm overusing the lead overlays, like for the whole song or in the end when there's 5 guitars layered? Also the chorus or thirteen is actually my favourite part of the song, so I don't think I'm gonna change that. It's still good to hear some different opinions though, thanks.

also I uploaded the gp4s herby
Sorry about that. I mean that almost every new riff you introduce has some little lead.
well, i think both songs sound good, but some drums in there would make it be nice. Anyway, i think that acoustic riff on thirteen was really, really good, and the guitar work on the ending was nice.
About yeeee (i didn't understand why its name is yeeee), i think it's a very fun song, but the highlight was the solo. my only complain: missing drums.
lol I basically just put in random letters or numbers as my titles, which is why its called yeeee. Thanks for the crits guys