Poll: Your fave takeaway
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16 46%
Fish and Chips
3 9%
10 29%
2 6%
3 9%
Fried Chicken
1 3%
Voters: 35.
Pit, i searchbared and the only thing that came up is to old to post in a different to what i want to do, here is the poll and you can only vote once so choose wisely, this is also an end of year thing to decide what the teachers are going to shout us for the end of year and i wanted to show them everyone likes pizza!



TL DR title says it all
i like chicken tenders
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Well, what we in Australia accept as Chinese food.

Also Chinese food would exist, its just not what we think it is.
I was torn between pizza and burgers but I ultimately went with burgers
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Toss up between pizza and burgers.

EDIT: ^ Crazy, I'm more towards burgers too
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